Park Hotel Villa Grazioli (4 Star Hotels) Grottaferrata

Park Hotel Villa Grazioli 4 Star Hotels Grottaferrata
Park Hotel Villa Grazioli
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Park Hotel Villa Grazioli occupies a spectacular 16th century villa immersed in a magnificent Italian garden in Frascati, perched on a hilltop overlooking the city of Rome on one side and the Tyrrhenian sea on the other.

The villa, a recognized Italian National Monument, was commissioned by Cardinal Carafa and completed in 1580. Over the centuries the villa was home to numerous cardinals and members of the Italian aristocracy before being purchased by the Duke Pio Grazioli in 1843, whose family resided in the property for over a century. During the second world war, the villa was occupied by those left homeless as a consequence of the violent bombing raids which damaged much of Frascati. There then followed a period of abandon and gradual decline.

In 1987, the Company Villa Grazioli acquired the building and initiated extensive restoration work involving the entire estate. The gardens, originally consisting in 18, 480sqm of land destined for use as fruit orchards, olive groves and a small vineyard, were masterly redesigned by the architect Romeo Greco and his team who also restored the remains of the Italian garden and the long driveway leading to the Villa, following the plans of the original landscape designer.

Once inside the Villa Grazioli, guests are greeted by a magnificent display of frescoes by 17th and 18th century artists such as Augusto Ciampelli, painters of the Bologna School and Gian Paolo Pannini. The decoration of the rooms on the main floor, considered to be the work of Ciampelli, was commissioned by the Cardinal Acquaviva in 1590 and completed some years later. As befitting the choice of an eminent ecclesiastic, the pictorial cycles are dedicated to the themes of religion and nature, including the four cardinal virtues of prudence, strength, justice and temperance, the allegory of night, the allegory of day, a landscape with harvesters, and landscape with peasants.

Cardinal Alessandro Montalto, who was to inhabit the Villa a couple of decades later, commissioned artists of the Bologna School to depict the biblical theme of Eliah and Elysseus on the vault of the fourth room on the main floor. Gian Paolo Pannini (1691-1765) was the artist responsible for the gallery now known as the "Pannini Gallery", adorned with statues of the ancient Gods, Diana and Apollo, and various allegories of the seasons. Today, the sumptuous frescoed halls of Park Hotel Villa Grazioli provide truly unique settings for meetings and receptions.

Park Hotel Villa Grazioli
Via Umberto Pavoni, 19 - 00046 Grottaferrata (Roma)
Tel. +39 06 9454001
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